Good quality Foldable Inflatable Boat for sales
Good quality Foldable Inflatable Boat for sales
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Hello Mr.KC.Lee, How are you? Sorry for our silence. We are very happy with your producsts! All looks good and has a good quality.

—— Mr. Daniel - Germany

Hi MR.LEE, We got the boat, the installation went perfect. So we a pleased about the product.

—— Mr. Stenimex - Netherland

LEE, The main news is that I am happy about the finishes and quality product.

—— Mr. Victor Hugo Campos - Chile

Hoi Dear Mr. Lee, I am very glad I did choose you as manufactor. Quality is extremely good, and contacts quick and pleasant.

—— Mr.Denis - Belgium

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Inflatable boat frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is your production line?

We offer a product line of Inflatable boats, including inflatable dinghy, inflatable liferafts, inflatable fishing boats, RIB boats, inflatable banana boats, inflatable kayak, drift boats, inflatable Kayak, Yacht, inflatable tent and some other marine products. When equipped with an outboard motor, FUNSOR inflatable boats travel with ease across the water. Our boats run smoothly with both gasoline and electric outboard motors.


What is the purpose for inflatable boat?

FUNSOR inflatable yacht tenders, or dinghies, come standard with a high-pressure inflatable air floor made of drop-stitch PVC fabric. The boats are best used as a small tender for a yacht, or sailboat, to carry people ashore. They can also serve as personal sea crafts, accommodating one to two people. By the stable construction and design, they can also allow passengers to stand up for fly fishing or while boarding your yacht. The 14' and 15' FUNSOR boats are heavy-duty workboats. They are great for water rescue, emergency service, diving, or fishing trips almost anywhere.


How to get your detailed quotation sheet?

You can tell us your requirement or choose the models in our website. We can supply the detailed quotation sheet with spec and photos within 24 hours.

What fabrics are inflatable boats made from?
For many years all inflatable boats were made of Neoprene/Hypalon (or rubber) materials. Today modern materials and construction processes have made it possible to make inflatable  boats out of strong plastic materials called PVC. So, today most inflatable boats are made out of PVC or Hypalon. Each fabric is different and requires different fabric and glue for repairs.

Are FUNSOR inflatable boats safe and stable?
Yes! All FUNSOR inflatable boats are made of 1100-denier commercial-grade PVC fabric, a material much stronger than the vast majority of inflatable boats on the market. Our boats hulls feature components including an inflatable keel with a rub strake at the bottom, heavy-duty plywood transom, double layer of PVC fabric along the bottom of the boat tubes, and a safety release air valve to prevent over-inflation. Because of their safety reputation, inflatable boats are now essentially the standard for use by the military, coast guard and other rescue agencies worldwide.


How to choose outboard motor to match inflatable boat?

We have mentioned the recommended outboard motor in our spec sheet. Generally speaking, inflatable tenders can accommodate 2 to 6 persons. They can run smoothly with 4-15HP motors. Heavy-duty FUNSOR inflatable boats are made with premium quality materials, and can accommodate 7 to 8 persons. FUNSOR heavy-duty boats take up to a maximum 40 HP outboard motor, but will run nicely with smaller 15 and 25 HP motors. With a 15 HP outboard motor, and just two people, this boat can plane nice and easy.


Why to choose inflatable boats but hard shell boat?

Inflatable boats offer many benefits over a hard shell boat. Inflatable boats are lightweight allowing for a smaller engine which is more fuel efficient. With the large inflatable tubes, inflatable boats will offer unsurpassed stability and a much higher load capacity when compared to "hard shell" rigid boats. Inflatable boats are virtually unsinkable and can be packed down into bags, making them a great choice for portability and transport!


How to store inflatable boat?

FUNSOR sport boats are perfect for those who have access to a body of water, but not necessarily the space to store a boat. Inflatable boats take up as little space as a duffel bag, when deflated, and can be stored almost anywhere, such as a car trunk, closet, or even an empty corner of your apartment. When inflated, with an electric pump in a matter of minutes, an inflatable boat can take you and your whole family out for a day of fishing, fun, and exploration! And best of all, when you have done you just let the air out and roll everything back into the bag until next time.

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